Terrapin Water provides effective consulting and technology based solutions to clients who manage lakes, ponds, lagoons & reservoirs.

We a work with many types of clients including private land owners, land developers, municipalities, government agencies and private companies. Our projects have ranged across Canada and the US and include wastewater (municipal, agricultural and industrial), stormwater and natural/man-made lake and pond management and design. We have also been heavily engaged in collaborative research with academia.

From a business development standpoint, our focus is on culturing long term relationships with our clients and partners, based on trust,expert service and science based solutions.

Josh Clark

Josh is an aquatic ecologist and senior project manager with over 13 years of experience in both the public and private sectors. Josh’s passion for all things water related started at an early age and led him to pursue both an undergraduate and Masters Degree in aquatic ecology. Since completing his formal education Josh has continually pursued positions that offer that elusive balance between office and fieldwork. Having spent several years as a fisheries biologist and environmental consultant, Josh decided to expand his horizons by forming his own company (Terrapin Water) in 2008.

At Terrapin Water Josh has developed an expertise in the management of nutrients in aquatic systems through use of innovative technologies and management approaches. Josh has developed a Floating Treatment Wetland technology called PhytoLinks. Josh’s enthusiasm for educating clients about their water related problems is perhaps his best asset. His ability and willingness to break complex concepts and processes into simple easy to understand terms makes his solutions much more accessible for his clients.  Josh  is a firm believer that better problem solving flows from a more complete understanding of the problems at hand.